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The VSB Flash Series

When in Rome… get some nachos

The VSB Flash Series

by Justas (10 August 2004)


“Shake, shake, shake…”

As some of you already know,VSBis a relatively promising Space Quest fangame that I am also working on. It is also known that it has been in the works for quite a while and several people have been reported to be looking forward to the release. So, this one evening in mid-September 2004, I was sitting in#sq, talking to Vizz (a semi-suicidal guy from Quebec, Canada, who has beenslightly mentionedon GGC before) about various ways of making a suicide fun, such as giving various “Do this or else I’m going to kill myself!” ultimatums to various people and seeing if they’ll actually do it. So naturally he wanted to test run the ability by saying “FINISH VSB TOMORROW OR I KILL MYSELF! ;)”. Which gave me an idea, so I said “I’m off to TV now. I’ll make a VSB when I get back ;)”. And then I went to watch some TV. There was a good Estonian show on. Which is quite amazing as ‘Estonian’ and ‘good’ are generally considered to be a contradiction in terms.

So, about the idea I got: I had been playing around with Flash recently, but due to a lot of my time being consumed by school, I couldn’t do much work on my larger future projects. I did, however, have the time to whip up some sloppily-drawn characters into shorter-than-a-minute interactive toons. And Vizz wanted a VSB by the next day. So, in some 20 minutes, I drew a couple of quick sketches, made them all jittery for some extra artistic effect, wrote a couple of simple bad-Japanese-translation-esque lines of dialogue and threw in a multiple choice scene to be able to qualify it as a ‘game’. Voila!

I had intended it to be a one-time project, but when I returned to #sq the next day, Vizz had left me a note in the channel’s topic: He wanted a sequel. Having already drawn the characters, it was a piece of cake to make (Rhyme’D!), so I did. This time, adding one more choice and a death scene. The rest should be rather self-explanatory, if you read the ‘Background info’ part above each game’s page.

Currently, I have stopped making new episodes as after releasing VSB5, Vizz ceased requesting new ones and I figured that the joke was getting a little old. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be eventually continuing the series. Just not right now.

Update (10 Oct 2004): Naturally, after getting this page up, it created some discussion in #sq and lead me to the creation of the sixth episode. So… here it is.

Update (30 Oct 2004): Added the VSB Collection page. Also, I made a special episode for the 6th anniversary of SpaceQuest.Net

Update (9 Jan 2005): Vizz returned after a period of internet-less absence and the series were continued with VS8

Update (7 May 2005): Absence of an Internet connection was recently identified as the likely cause of excessive salivation, reverse diarrhoea, oven mittens and/or 8SB

Update (5 June 2005): I got into Star Trek: Enterprise in the meantime. This happened.

Update (24 Sept 2005): Finally got around to putting up VSB:TSF, which I’d made almost a month ago.


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