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Come out swinging

Burning through the sky, yeah!


Prison, yoCome out swinging


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Come out swinging

by Pstonie (21 November 2005)

LikeAdios, this is mainly a music video made with stunts and other cool-looking things found in San Andreas. The music wasCome out swingingfromConspiracy of Oneby The Offspring.The vehicles are all from the original game, no replays were used. I edited some handling properties on some of the cars to do things like the drifting (which I did a lot of), and the vertical ascent that the Bandito can be seen doing.174 clips of video that amounts to over 14 minutes of footage was used to make this video. I didn’t run out of clips like I did on Adios, but it got a bit skinny at the end. The verdict seems to be in, my fears have been confirmed, this is “not as cool as Adios”. Download ‘Come out swinging'(19.8MB DivX)