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VR Multiplayer Games 2018: The Best Multi Games in Virtual Reality

The 2018 VR multiplayer games will be numerous and are expected to be even more interesting and successful than in 2017. Discover our selection of the best VR multi 2018 Games already released and the list of the most awaited titles.

Playing virtual reality alone is a fun experience, but it’s the fun of many. Joining friends around the world guarantees hours of fun, memorable laughs, and unforgettable adventures.

Even better, as the VR gaming market grows, multiplayer games are becoming more and more successful. In this context, here is our selection of the best VR multiplayer games 2018 already released as well as the titles most expected for this year.

VR Multiplayer Games 2018: Top of Best Multi Games Already Available

It is April 2018, and the year is far from over. Thus, several very successful multi-games are already available. Here are the best VR multiplayer games 2018 already available.

Sprint Vector: The Mario Kart Virtual Reality

Sprint Vector is a virtual reality racing game developed by Survios, to whom we owe the excellent Raw Data. The title proposes eight players to compete in frenetic races on various surreal circuits. To move, players need to move their arms back and forth as quickly as possible.

The presence of obstacles also forces users to decrease regularly. In other words, the experience is very sporty. We find in this game the spirit of the Nintendo Mario Kart franchise with bonuses and weapons to pick up in crates to take advantage over the opponents. Both fun and technical, Sprint, Vector is a great success and one of the best games in VR multiplayer 2018.

Brass Tactics, The First Real RTS in Virtual Reality

This real-time strategy game is developed by Hidden Path Entertainment, also known as Age Of Empires II: HD Edition. Very well thought out, the title suggests you control an army of miniature soldiers as if you were physically present in front of a war game table.

Players can, therefore, move around the battlefield and move their units with their fingers. The concept is interesting and the execution successful. Brass Tactics is an exciting game for strategy fans.

WipEout VR, The Futuristic Racing Game in Virtual Reality

We no longer present WipEout, the famous racing game franchise of futuristic vehicles started in 1995 the first PlayStation. Since March 28, 2018, an update of the game WipEout Omega Collection for PS4 allows to play the game in virtual reality on PSVR.

All game modes are playable in VR, and three private vehicles have been added for the occasion. It is possible to play without distinction against the users of the VR version and not VR. Hold on!

VR Multiplayer Games 2018: Top of the Most Expected Multi Games

There is no doubt that the best VR multiplayer games in 2018 have not yet been released. The year still has many surprises in store for us. Here is our selection of the most promising multi-games.

Ace Combat 7, the VR version of the famous Flight Simulator

Initially expected for 2017, Ace Combat 7 was finally pushed back to 2018 by its developer Project Aces. This seventh episode of the famous Flight Simulator saga will not be fully playable in VR, but some of the content will be playable on PSVR.

We still don’t know if a VR multiplayer mode will be offered. However, it goes without saying that the fans touch wood for that to be the case.

Babylon Battle Royale, the Super Smash Bros of the VR

Babylon Battle Royale is the first complete VR game released by Kite & Lightning. The action takes place on a planet where humans have stopped aging. In this context, babies fight for world domination.

Much like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise, the game will offer players the chance to confront each other in violent melodies sprinkled with a good dose of humor. A very highly-anticipated game at the turn.

Echo Combat, The New Multi Game of the creators of Lone Echo

Lone Echo is undoubtedly one of the most successful VR games of 2017, and its Echo Arena multiplayer spin-off is a great eSport game. The developer Ready at Dawn does not intend to stop on this path and is preparing a new zero gravity game called Echo Combat.

Little information has been revealed, but we can expect a game more focused on the fight between the players than on sporting confrontations. The release date has not yet been unveiled.

Firewall: Zero Hours VR

Unveiled at the 2017 PSX, Firewall: Zero Hours VR is a multi-player tactical FPS for PSVR. Two teams of four players compete in tactical battles.

The game can be played with the DualShock 4 joystick or with the PlayStation Aim rifle. The title seems to be in the line of great classics like the opus of the Rainbow Six saga, plus virtual reality.

Marvel Power United, a MOBA in VR with the Heroes Marvel

Marvel Power United is a game developed in partnership by Oculus and Sanzaru Games, to which we also owe the excellent VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil. As its name suggests, the game offers players the opportunity to play the different heroes of the Marvel Universe: Hulk, Deadpool, Rocket Racoon, Thor.

Players compete in teams of four in an arena, and each hero has his or her powers. If we add to that that the game is developed with the engine of the excellent Robo Recall, this game is probably the most promising since the launch of the Oculus Rift and should register directly among the best VR multiplayer games 2018 all platforms combined.


Developed by Disruptive Games, this multiplayer game proposes you to play a titan. Triumph over the other players to be elevated to the rank of God. The environments are completely destructible, and the strategic gameplay is very interesting. In the tradition of Overwatch and other hero shooters, the title proposes to play different heroes each with particular skills. Presented at Paris Games Week, the game was expected in 2018.

Space Junkies

Developed by Ubisoft Montpelier, Space Junkies is a multiplayer shooter. As in Echo Arena or Skyfront, fighting takes place in non-gravity arenas. Players move around using jet packs.

Several game modes are available to team or deathmatch. Many weapons are available, and the graphics are awe-inspiring.