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The Best Online VR Casino Games

Online casinos have already created a new wave in the world of gaming. And to top that the virtual casinos have become the newest rage among the casino lovers. Especially because of the fact that they also deliver no deposit bonuses, like regular online casinos. Discover more about this special bonus promotion at The virtual casinos are not just any ordinary casino that can allow you to play the casino games as any other normal casinos would do. But it requires quite some special equipment to play in the virtual casinos like a virtual headset, an advanced graphics card, a mobile phone memory of minimum 8 GB, a CPU with advanced configuration in case you are playing on a pc and many more things. Believe us or not the virtual casinos are about to take you to a new unworldly experience of gaming as soon as you log in to its site by giving instant pleasure.

OnlineVirtual Casinos – A New Better Gambling Experience

You might be having a question in your mind that how are virtual casinos different from any regular online casino. To solve this mystery we recommend you to try it for yourself once. Every casino operator is looking for the next big thing in a world full of online casino games. Virtual reality has become one of the fastest-growing technologies in the past years, even in the VR lottery. You would probably like to know how the online lotto of the future will look like, and we are here to tell you to get ready for big changes. You can thank us later for the terrific experience you are about to witness. As of now, we can only tell you that one of the biggest difference between ordinary legal casino and an virtual casino is the graphics and the effects. Imagine watching Jurassic park in 2d and 3d. the difference between the casinos is similar too. So for the more real feel of being in a casino, you must definitely go for the virtual option.

What Do You Need to Play Vr Games?

As mentioned before, playing casino games in an online virtual casino requires some special equipment, that is not necessary for the regular casino. Some of this equipment that your system need to have are:

  1. A RAM of 8GB at the least
  2. The graphics card should be high – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 is great
  3. A USB 3.0 with ports
  4. An advanced CPU –a minimum of Intel i5-4590 or better
  5. HDMI 1.3 port
  6. The operating system should be either Windows 7 SP1 or Mac-OS or Linux or better
  7. Biosensing data glove
  8. VR headset

Online Virtual Casinos and Their Features

Here are some of the features of the online virtual casinos:

  • They present a combination of online games and casino games in a 3-dimensional experience
  • The casino environment is more engaging than a regular online casino as it stimulates and affects both the visual and auditory senses, unlike the regular online casinos that stimulate the visual senses.
  • Offers real-time games with multiplayer options
  • They give a wide choice to choose the character you want to play
  • They give a chance to interact with other players and gamblers playing the games
  • New casino games like Slots Games, Blackjack Games, Video Poker, Roulette Games are regularly introduced and improved in the online virtual casinos.
  • You can chat live and even talk to the functionaries in the casino.
  • They also offer a casino bonus to their new players for playing and winning real money. The casino bonus is usually in the form of no deposit bonus

Now that you know what you can expect from online virtual platforms, pick one of the top French online casinos found at this link, and enjoy in your favorite casino games for free.

Best VR Slots

  1. JACK AND THE BEANSTALK VR: the fun factor of the game is increased by the number of times its reels are spun.
  2. GONZO’S QUEST VR SLOT: ever imagined of going for a treasure hunt with a veteran globetrotter to el dorado in search of gold? Well, this can be your quest then.
  3. STARBURST VR SLOT: a slot full of colors and stars and so many good things that will keep you astounded for a while even before you can start playing
  4. MISS MIDAS VR SLOT: there is no one among us who has not read the story of King Midas, but his female counterpart is sure to unlearn you the lesson that the story teaches
  5. THUNDERSTRUCK II VR: a slot full of fancy and fantasy and all things good
  6. Online Blackjack: this is not really a slot game but is definitely worth a try
  7. Online Roulette: the best ever casino game
  8. Mighty Africa: let’s travel to Africa in search of wealth.

You can play all these games in Treasure Mile Casino, one of the most popular online gaming sites. You can also try the platform for free by using their no deposit welcome bonus, which you can find at this link.