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Mobile Gaming News

  1. Dragalia Lost carts and becomes the second most profitable Nintendo game on mobile

It is sometimes these phenomena that one passes by without knowing it, only to discover months later the importance of their magnitude. Apart from the clairvoyant Rudy, who in the editorial office could have imagined that Dragalia Lost would be a success? No one. It’s a job, you know, psychic.

Announced about a year ago, Nintendo’s brand new license to expand its offer on smartphones and other gadgets of the 21st century was not necessarily winning on paper, especially in the face of well-established series, such as Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and other Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

And yet, the action-RPG signed Cygames already exceeded in February the iconic plumber on the market of the mobile game, as we reported then. Water has since flowed under the bridge, and now Dragalia Lost is passing by the villagers ‘ simulation to become Nintendo’s second most profitable game on smartphones.

The three million users have indeed spent the trifle of $ 100 million, an excellent score, especially when we know that the game opts for the free-to-play model with built-in purchases. Well, we are still a long way from the emblem of Feu and its $591 million in profits, but the performance remains to be welcomed, for this newly created universe.

Rest assured: if you are running away from numbers like bubonic plague, the site Sensor Tower has chewed you through a graph as clear as it is succinct. It’s obviously in our picture gallery that everything happens.

  1. Pokémon Masters: pre-registrations are open on Android and iOS

On July 24, pre-registration for the next Pokémon Masters mobile game has been opened. The players concerned will receive a notification when the mobile game is released in the coming weeks.

The next mobile game in Pokémon’s universe, Pokémon Masters, is now open to pre-recordings. Its release date has not yet been announced, but it would be in the summer.

This is a strategy game that will highlight the fights of Pokémon trainers. The arguments will be done in Turn, three against 3, with allies and opponents IA (so no PVP at the launch). The confrontation place of the trainers will be located on a new island, the island of Passio, which will bring together the trainers from all regions. There will be characters from the universe, like Pierre and Ondine.

There will be a training center, the main story, and a script for his team’s Pokémon, as well as events. There will also be daily missions offering various rewards.

  1. Call of Duty Mobile made a soft launch in Australia and Canada, other regions to come

With more than a month of Early Access, The Call of Duty mobile game is now entering a soft-launch phase in Australia and Canada, with news coming soon.

Call of Duty Mobile will soon make its arrival in all regions. After more than a month in beta in India, test versions have been downloaded in Australia and Canada. From now on, an Early Access version has landed in these two regions.

For now, fans must use a VPN to test the mobile game of the license as soon as possible. But the version should be gradually deployed in other regions.

The game was announced last year and is developed by Timi, which belongs to the Chinese group Tencent. The gameplay and cards are borrowed from PC versions (mainly from Black Ops and Modern Warfare); the beta version included Zombie mode, but its presence in the final version has not yet been confirmed.