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When in Rome… get some nachos


by Everyone (9 July 2003)


G’day. Firstly, a jackatar is a Father Jack themed avatar, to be used in forums, IM clients or just weird collection websites like this. Father Jack, however, is a peculiar character from an absolutely brilliant Irish comedy show, “Father Ted”. Being a forum user with a tendency to change my avatar every once in a while, it was only a matter of time until I chose a picture of Father Jack (the drunk priest, not to be confused with Father Ted, non-drunk main character of the show).

Soon, it was the christmas period. So I decided to paste a Santa’s hat on his face and use that as a temporary avatar. Soon, the Christmas were over and it was time to replace the avatar. But instead of going back to the standard one, I made a New Year’s Eve themed avatar, using fireworks as a background and putting a party hat on Jack. As time went on, I got more inspiration for new Jackatars, such as St. Patrick’s Day Jack and Elftor-Jack AKA Justor. Eventually, I gathered enough to make a small website. It was hosted at, just like GGC Media’s predecessor, GC Interactive. However, my hard disk crashed just a few days after the host went down, so all the backups that I had of the site were gone. Including all the original avatars.

By now, I’ve managed to recover some of them and also made some new ones. As we now have a larger website, we’ve decided to reopen the Jackatar gallery. It won’t be what the previous site was, but at least it’s something. Also, if you happen to have an old copy of a Jackatar of mine stored somewhere that is not featured on this site, be sure to let me know.

Also, check out the forum thread dedicated to the Jackatar Gallery.

– Justas

Last updated on 9 July 2005.
Added Jack Ross.

The Gallery

Avatars made by Justas
Father Jack
This is where it all begun…Image reconstructed, not the original
Rasta Jack
The oldest modified avatar that I’ve managed to recover. Mostly improvised by my alternate name “Rustas”, which was given to me by some Danishes. Eventually, I went along with the joke and the result was this.Made with MS Paint and Irfanview
Matrix Jack
The other avatar that I recovered from the pre-crash era. Obviously made during the Matrix summer of 2003.Made with MS Paint and Irfanview
After a long period of using a picture of Richard Kasmier as my avatar (currently used in my GGC bio), I returned to the Jack-theme with this fusion of Father Jack and George W. Bush.Made with MS Paint, Irfanview and some Norwegian website that made the original image when saying that Jack looks like Bush.
Data Jack
First “real” Jackatar that I made after the second wave began. You may notice my increased interest in “Star Trek” and more particularly, TNG. Data rules.Made with MS Paint and Irfanview; larger version available
Second post-crash Jackatar, this time inspired by GGC’s own creation, Boris. That’s right, we have become self-sufficient. Hah!Made with Irfanview and Photoshop CS; larger version available
Mona Jack
Inspired by the quote of another Danish, “It’s a drunk Irish priest. Not the Mona Lisa”, referring to how easy it supposedly is to whip up a quick Jackatar.Made with Photoshop CS; larger version available
Weird Al Jackovic
Weird Al rules. It has even been scientifically provenMade with Photoshop CS; larger and slightly messed-up version available
Avatars made by Pstonie
Jack-Roger #1
This is a Jackatar/Roger Wilco that I made, mostly as a spoof of both of them.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Jack-Roger #2
This is Jack/Roger #2 that I made at the same time as the previous one. I never intended to use either, they are the result of a bored and socially atrophied mind.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Father J
You guys know Ali G, right? I think that this might have been the first Jackatar that I had made. As I recall, I made this when Justas was setting up the original gallery website. Respec, aii!Made with Paint Shop Pro.
This is a much more recent Jackatar that I made. I originally intended for Justas to use it since Jackatars weren’t my thing. I made this right after I had received my TNG season 3 DVD package.Made with Paint Shop Pro; larger version available
K.I.S.S Jack
A Danish party which shall remain nameless is a big K.I.S.S fan and Justas and I have developed a violent response to any mention of K.I.S.S. That being said, I made this for shock value and it turned out to be the most horrible thing that I had ever made.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Being a big TNG/Picard/Stewart fan as I am, I made this. This time I buckled under the peer pressure and finally used it myself.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Viking Jack
Everybody loves vikings, so this is a natural progression. That, and I was bored.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Father Jack is known to love the bottle. So a combination of this well-known Andy Warhol portrait and Jack would make… a Warholic. Get it? Alcoholic… Oh, shut up.Made with Paint Shop Pro; larger version available
Emperor Jack
Embrace your rage. DRINK leads to the dark side. All is going as he has forseen.Made with Paint Shop Pro.
Avatars made by others
Jackinator by Olzen
The first Jackatar I’m sorta satisfied with. It has a certain “I’m still learning”-vibe, don’t you think? I chose to use the flames as the background since it looked awfully dull with a white or black one.Made with Photoshop 6.
Count Jackula by Olzen
For people thinking “what on Earth is that?”, I can tell you that it’s a hybrid of Father Jack and the evil vampire count Orlok from the classic horror silent “Nosferatu”. However, this is a vampire who does drink wine and even more often, stronger stuff.Made with Photoshop 6.
Jackvis by Tiki
The King lives! Only much more obnoxious.Made with a PC.
Jack Ross by Alan AKA thefwf
“If you don’t know who Bob Ross is, you suck.”Made with God knows what.

Make your own!

Anyone is free to try making a Father Jack avatar on their own and even get it uploaded on this website (if it’s any good). For this, you will probably want to use a high-quality clean template. To submit your work, either upload your avatar to your webspace and e-mail me the URL, or in case you don’t have any webspace, attach it to the mail. The preferred file format is PNG, but you can also send it as GIF or JPG (but no BMPs!). Size doesn’t matter, as we could also use the larger version, as long as the aspect ratio is close to 1×1 (meaning that the image is square-shaped). For various quick image editing, viewing and conversion tasks, IrfanView is highly recommended.