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When in Rome… get some nachos


TYPE: Video – SIZE: 20MBA music video based on the music of Rammstein and the locations and vehicles in GTA : San Andreas. Mostly.imageTNG, yo
SIZE: 1.35MB – DATE: 9 July 2005These be the mad voyages of starship Mofo. Its pimping mission, to spit some rhymes and to pick up strange new alien chicks. To boldly chill where no one has chilled before. This is basically a slideshow of shots from episodes of TNG, only with new dialogue added in the form of speech bubbles.Vice Rider
TYPE: Flash – SIZE: 3.97MB – LENGTH: 1min16sec – DATE: 22 April 2005Vice City + Knight Rider + Too much badly allocated free time = This. Having been a big fan of “Knight Rider” several years ago, I put the two and two together and ended up with this.GGC:MTA
TYPE: Video – SIZE: 10MBTotally made-up fake gameplay video based on Multi Theft Auto. Music: SlayerBeast of Terror in Vice City
SIZE: 4.07MB – LENGTH: 2min40sec – DATE: 9 November 2004This happens when you watch too many Ed Wood movies and then make some flash. Also Pstonie’s most successful flash to date.imageThe VSB Collection
SIZE: 618KB – LENGTH: — – DATE: 29 October 2004The six part flash game series by Justas also features a collector’s edition version with everything together. Check the dedicated page for further info.imageCollaborative writing
TYPE: Site feature, user submissionA collection of the collaborative stories written by GGC Forum members.imageJackatars
TYPE: Site feature, user submissionA tradition older than the site itself, making Jackatars has been around for a long time. This can be considered a right of passage.

Other Features

imageBanana Ted
SIZE: 258KB – DATE: 10 July 2005So basically, Alan AKA thefwf showed me an animation he had just made. And five minutes later, it happened.imageDr. VO
SIZE: 298KB – LENGTH: 3min40sec – DATE: 31 December 2003The first GGC flash made by Justas, chronicling the adventures of Dr. Vohaul and his plans to clean the galaxy.imageCartoon #1 – Boris in ‘Cold Tea’
SIZE: 134.5KB – LENGTH: 35sec – DATE: 16 April 2004Pstonie’s first ever flash movie. Character Boris goes climbing a mountain and threatens to urinally assault someone’s beverage.imageBKOmelom
SIZE: 25.1KB – LENGTH: 2sec (looped) – DATE: 8 July 2004After having helped Diane make a higher-quality logo for her sorority website, Justas was given the idea to make a sequel to “Chemistry is fun!”.imageFjoinky Rap Video
SIZE: 57.4KB – LENGTH: 1sec (looped) – DATE: 11 August 2004As an attempt to graphically depict the famous Fjoinky, Justas made him dance to a rap song from a Danish humour show that made fun of Dutch people.imageMacho Bear
SIZE: 232KB – LENGTH: 5sec (looped) – DATE: 8 September 2004Justas saw a commonly used avatar with a dancing bear on a forum while listening to “Macho Duck”. The rest is history.imageScatman Seal
SIZE: 460KB – LENGTH: 14sec (looped) – DATE: 27 October 2004Justas went to a dolphinarium with a digital camera on his Moscow trip and saw a seal playing what looks like a flute. And then, back at home, he made this.imageToober
SIZE: 1.7MB – LENGTH: 1min28sec – DATE: 29 August 2004A crazy-like and incomplete music video with the Dust Brothers jamming in the background. Almost made by Pstonie. Includes both Flash animation and full video.imageChemistry is fun!
SIZE: 12.4KB – LENGTH: 2sec (looped) – DATE: 18 February 2004Justas was doing chemical formulas in flash for a school project once and got a little inspired.imageIce Ice Horpy
SIZE: 193KB – LENGTH: 28sec – DATE: 20 August 2004Justas’ short flash music video set to Weird Al and featuring GGC’s Horpy and the Gang. Socialist carrots included.