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Lost, yo

Ambitious, but rubbish LATEST FEATURES Battlestar Galactica, yoFeuer Frei! LATEST UPDATES Space Quest something!Back in __ minutesAll the memories are too few WHUDDUP Japanese crows proven more intelligent than average daneGodzilla plays Super Mario level 1-1Real-life teleportation invented in Ja…… Read More »Lost, yo


When in Rome… get some nachos Jackatars by Everyone (9 July 2003) Introduction G’day. Firstly, a jackatar is a Father Jack themed avatar, to be used in forums, IM clients or just weird collection websites like this. Father Jack, however,… Read More »Jackatars

Beast of terror

A holiday breakthrough for mental health by Pstonie (22 December 2005) A Swedish human rights group will turn their attention to Denmark this holiday season as they take action against a growing annual trend. “It’s been statistically proven that every… Read More »Beast of terror

Swedish banjos!

Swedish banjos! by Justas (13 March 2005) It is a well-known fact that “banjo” and “Sweden” can theoretically make anything funny better than anything else (excluding toilet humour, perhaps). Consider these examples from “Scrubs” Figure 1.1: JD NOT playing banjo… Read More »Swedish banjos!