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Ambitious, but rubbish


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by Pstonie (8 September 2005)

This is a music video based on the music of Rammstein and the locations and vehicles in GTA : San Andreas. Mostly.The technique I used when making this is not all that different from aprevious attemptat a music video. This time it just went quicker, except for the encoding process.

Post production

I’ve managed to add what I wanted to, though not everything I wanted to. It includes some insignificant yet interesting single-frame flashes. In total there are four of them, this does not include the 3-frame text that’s visible as the Stallion is flying by in slow motion.Below is a 20MB low resolution version and a higher-res 40MB version that you can get from the forums. You need to be registered at the forums for the 40MB one, it’s still free though. Download ‘Adios'(39.2MB Higher-res DivX) (On the forums)