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On procrastination

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On procrastination

by Pstonie (21 September 2006)

I just foundthis articlethat discusses procrastination and the ways to overcome it. I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator, but surely some of my behaviour suggests it. They say admitting you’ve got a problem is the first step. I’m still on that first step. The step is my home.No, my particular problem is that of GTA, as has beencovered herebefore. I may think that the game engine needs work and some of the missions are not well designed, but that doesn’t stop me from spending hours at a time there. I just recently started the single player missions again, and it hasn’t exactly helped matters.Anyways, once you switch out the term ‘procrastination’ with ‘playing GTA’ (or whatever else revs your motor), this becomes very relevant. Like this list they suggest you fill out:

I am delaying on __eating_ because…Reasons for delay:
1. Them Ballas be rollin’ up on my turf again.
2. It’s a game where you can pick up hookers, ’nuff said.
3. Those cops is dumb and entertainish.
4. I just edited ‘handling.cfg’ and one car is now really fast.
5. Uhh… Subbuteo?
Arguments against delay:
1. I’m pretty hungry by now.
2. Going to Burger Shot in the game doesn’t help.
3. Picking up a hooker in the game kinda does.
4. There’s just one more thing I wanna try…
5. Uhh… Subbuteo?

Justas, make me a sandwich!