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Swedish banjos!

Swedish banjos!

by Justas (13 March 2005)

It is a well-known fact that “banjo” and “Sweden” can theoretically make anything funny better than anything else (excluding toilet humour, perhaps). Consider these examples from “Scrubs”

Figure 1.1: JD NOT playing banjo
NOT funny)
Figure 1.2: JD playing banjo

If this does not convince you of the existence of a pattern between “banjo” and “funny”, observe the following example:

Figure 2.1: Dr. Kelso NOT dancing to a banjo
NOT funny)
Figure 2.2: Dr.Kelso dancing to a banjo

There you go. Solid proof that the amount of banjo involvement is directly proportional to the level of amusement generated. To quote Eddie Izzard,“…but noone has ever thrown a banjo to a tiger.”

As for Sweden, I don’t think I really even need to explain. Although I will.

“I curse Swedish fish on you!” – Unca Scrooge, Ducktales: The Motion Picture

“damn you sweden!” – Weebl, pikea3

“Definitely not Swedish…” – Lily, referring to the Borg, Star Trek: First Contact

Jefferson:“Al, word’s out on the street – madam Inga has called together all the dark forces of Sweden against you.”
Al:“What’s gonna happen? I wake up one morning owning a Volvo? Spend the rest of my life as a skier? Or worse, wake up one morning next to a long-legged nordic beauty with big honkers?”Married With Children

Furthermore, an audio clip of the latter, as well as various other references to Sweden found in TV shows, can be found on this Swedish website

Lyssna p� ljudklippet!