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This is really good, G

This is really good, G

by Gareth (11 July 2004)

As Justas once said to me. Well, I ignored ‘J’ for the best part of a year. I didn’t need his links and downloads. I was doing just fine with my computer, thank you very much. Until, one blustery day in July I was bored off my nut. So, I went to the website, downloaded and was blown away.

What my desktop now looks like.

Yes, I’m talking about Opera one of the best pieces of software I’ve ever used. Especially when it is juxtaposed to the usual browser of choice, Internet Explorer. Opera is a browser that you can be proud to call your own.

It’s so customisable. If you don’t want bars and buttons all over the place, you don’t have to have them. If you do, you can specify where you want them and when. Skins and colour schemes are downloadable from the site through the browser. And you can recive your e-mail, RSS feeds and newsgroups while you surf in the same programme AND it only takes up one window on your taskbar.

Ah, what more can be said?

A lot more. The features of Opera are incredible, and I find new ones virtually every day. And I know Justas is still finding them months and months after originally downloading the software. So, here’s as brief a list as I can make before I go into specifics:-

  • Free – You can pay for an ad-less version, but you really don’t notice they’re there
  • Integrated mail client – So you can hold all your e-mails and search through who you’ve sent messages to, who you’ve recieved them from and what you’ve done with the messages
  • Integrated IRC client – So I can chat to Justas while I’m writing this logg and send him an e-mal detailing what I’m going to do to him if he doesn’t return my rubber dinghy.
  • Powerful address book – I can keep records of chat nicknames so I can recognise them in IRC, all their e-mail addresses, home address, fax, phone – even keep a picture of them and give them an icon so I can easily get them out of my contacts list if needs be
  • Mouse Gestures – So I don’t have to remember bizarre button combinations to open up links in the background, close a window or move orwards and backwards while surfing
  • Much more – Which would take up most of your time, so I’ll leave the list at that.
  • I was curious when I first loaded the programme as to how these features would change my life. Yeah, so I have a mail client. And? I had Outlook, and that worked fine. So, now I have the convenience of the same programme for both. Well, not only does it eat up FAR less memory and valuable taskbar space, it’s far more efficient. The amount of problems I had with Outlook not recognising my POP settings, not sending files, failing to read messages correctly. Now I have a spam filter and a really easy way of recieving messages. What was that e-mail Pstonie sent me? Well, I just click on Pstonie’s name on the contacts toolbar, look through my correspondance window and BANG; ever single messages sent to and recieved from ‘the boss’. Ah, yes. I need to return that ribber dinghy I borrowed off him. Need to get that back from Jus’…
    Opera. ‘O’ is better than ‘E’

    Mouse gestures – my life is so much easier. Say you’re browsing a forum, and there are 4 or 5 new messages. By middle-clicking every one, I can load them in the background and they load while I read the others. Then a quick right-click and a move of the mouse and the window’s closed, and I can move onto message #2. Then there’s the download manager. I can keep track of everything I’ve downloaded, where I saved it and what I did with it. Lost a file? Just go to the transfer window and download the file again. And I can do the same to send files to different people. Then there’s the history feature which kicks IE in the nuts, the toolbar at the top which allows a quick Google search without having to open Google, a bookmarks page which will record nicknames so I only have to type ‘GGC’ in the address bar to get to GGC…

    Oh, I love it. And I beg you to download it now. If you are still using IE then you are either asleep, a computer n00b or an employee of Microsoft. You have no idea how much you NEED Opera. It will change your internet life. Girls will sleep with you. You might even get that promotion you’ve been angling for. “Oh. Possibilities.” as Weezer once sang. There, so good, I’ve given you two quotations this logg. I feel so much more liberated. Lubricated the old grey matter. And it’s all thanks to Opera. Thanks Opera – ThOpera.

    Download Opera NOW!!!!

    That is all.