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Mobile & Console Gaming News | Casino Games & Industry Trends

Find out latest gaming news & read about Virtual Reality gear – popular gaming trend. Read what are best VR racing, fighting, shooting, casino slots games.

Latest Gaming News, New Industry Trends - Virtual Reality

Welcome to Ggcmedia – our Global Gaming Community blog & my gaming blog & news site. Games are what makes our personality and make us more disciplined in our daily lives. Have you ever seen an athlete who is not focused on his craft? Discipline is not just the gaming trends of physical sports. The gaming trends of esports also demand a similar kind of training and focus. It’s just that the gaming trends of esports involves more of the brain whereas the gaming trends of physical sports is more about the mind and body coordination. The video games that look like an easy task actually need a hard-wired brain that is equally flexible at the same time. It is not really an easy and no brainer task like watching online videos on youtube.

Latest Mobile and Console Gaming News

  • Current news by the gaming console makers says that are all set to disclose new information on the odds of Loot Box. This time it is about to come along with a bigger bang.
  • The news report on Nintendo says that it is going to use IGZO Display by Sharp in the latest model of their switch. More news is expected to come upon the matter by the end of this month.
  • Good news for India. New gaming laptops from Triton 500, Helios 700, Nitro 7, Nitro 5 Triton 900, Helios 300 and Acer Predator are now available in India for reasonable prices.
  • According to the recent news regarding mobile casinos, the mobile casino games powered by Microgaming software provider turned to be the best of them all. They are available on a wide range of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, even Android and iPhone users may enjoy their collection.
  • No news of video games being linked with violence. Video gaming trends do not induce violence in any age group, confirms a news report.

Trends in Gaming Industry - VR Gaming

The current gaming trends show that the gaming industry is about to be of worth $90 billion by the year 2020. A big part of that number is online casino games which are constantly rising in popularity. Today you can play thousands of different casino games so everyone can find something for their taste. And online casinos also know how to attract new players to try them for free with their generous bonuses. According to gaming trends, the gaming industry is an ever-increasing industry that is winning more and more hearts throughout the world. The number of video gamers in the world is surprisingly 2.5 billion. The gaming trends also show that software sales make up to 80% of the total business revenue in the gaming industry. That is like a huge portion. The largest gaming market is composed of the Asia pacific and next in the league is Europe followed by America. Countries like China, America, United kingdoms and Canada comprises of most of the gambling market, therefore, being the highest revenue-generating countries of the world in terms of the gambling industry. And with the revolution of mobile apps, online gambling escalated even more. Read reviews on the best mobile casino apps, take advantage of the sign-up bonuses of 120% up to 200€, and enjoy your favorite casino game on the go.

Review of Virtual Reality Gear

What is virtual reality? It is the power to move around without being physically present, just with the help of technology. The equipment that takes you to the world of virtual reality comprises of headgears, earphones, eye gears and many more. Wearing any of these can take you to another world in no time. Here are the reviews of some of the equipment that you need in order to delve into the world of virtual reality.

Virtual reality headsets: wear them and get lost in the world of an audiovisual surrounding that can be far from the real world and yet so soothing and enlivening. These headsets are way different from any regular headset that is only for the regular audios whereas the VR headsets can resonate an 8 dimensional sound.

Best Virtual Reality Games

  • Beat Saber: in this game, the player has to keep in track with the background music and slash the blocks in the screen
  • The Elder Scrolls V: the game is a single-player game that has a lot of feature control
  • Doom VFR: this game has a storyline of the doomsday
  • Rec Room: a headset is a must-have for this game for the awesome soundtrack
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew: one of the best games of the star trek series
  • Archangel: Hellfire: a tremendous fight between hell and heaven
  • Batman: Arkham VR: superheroes are always a favorite
  • Fallout 4 VR: this one is a single-player game for the PC
  • The Talos Principle VR: the on and off sequence of the light in this game is great
  • LA Noire: The VR Case Files: grab your headsets and get on for some virtual fight
You can also play the VR games in real money online casinos. The online legal casinos also offer casino games you can play for free using a casino bonus like Blackjack Games, Slots Games, Roulette Games, Video Poker. These casino games can be played for free with the casino bonus by the online casino in the form of no deposit bonus. Remember to look for sites that will offer you casino bonuses and a great selection of games to choose from. Just like our friends at GamesLion that have the best arcade-themed slots games, you can try out for free.

Most Popular Mobile Phones for Gaming

There are many mobile phones that are good for gaming but among all ONEPLUS 6 demands a special mention for its awesome features that make the phone extremely compatible with gaming. Get this phone if you are a gaming enthusiast and want a smooth gaming experience in the go.

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