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Star Trek 6, yo

Prison, yo 2


[GGC]Pstonie = Hardcore

Step inside, take a deep breath

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Japan officially declared 'awesomestest country in the world and stuff'

Cats That Look Like Hitler!

"Klingon Zombie Midgets, Dressed Like Elvis With Japanese Afros, Tokyo Drifting on a Plane"

Blanks on a blank!

New study shows people sleep even less than they think

The Bio of The Justas, v2.1

Location: Estonia
Birthdate: 30 August 1986
Contact information: GGC Forum Profile
Likes: Japan, Grand Theft Auto, Eddie Izzard, '70s and '80s music, macaroni, PHP, Scrubs, Star Trek, making fun of Olzen.
Dislikes: Reality TV, "would of", reddishes, fungus, Justin Timberlake, corn, Olzen.
I have never: been drunk, eaten a nacho, stabbed Erik Estrada with a shoe, whistled the Danish anthem while throwing pencils at an elephant riding a unicycle or spent less than two and a half years on a submarine.
And the bug-eyed monster? Is green, yes.

Sites/forums I check regularly or via RSS: (Apart from GGC forums and some that Pstonie mentioned)

Beaver and Steve - A rather popular webcomic where I provide webmastering and forum admining services. - No explanation necessary. (Actually, the page I regularly check is here)
Weebl and Bob - More groovy flash stuff. Highly recommended.
Rum and Monkey - A site quite similar to GGC Media in essence. A lot of good stuff in there.
The Subspace Channel - A Space Quest-related forum where the paths of me and Pstonie first crossed, resulting in a GGC Media. Unfortunately, it has long lost its glory and Pstonie rarely goes there anymore.
Space Quest: Vohaul Strikes Back - Ok, most of the forum is for devs-only, but I thought I'd still list it because I work on the project.