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Websites designed by GGC

For a while now, GGC has been moderately involved in designing the occasional website or two. It should be noted that (at least currently) we're not providing it as a service on request. What we actually do is just browse around the 'net and when we find a funky site with a lacking design or one of our friends' sites that could use a facelift, we contact the webmaster and the rest needs little explanation.

Our mission? To make the Internet nicer, cleaner, prettier, simpler and more effective, to gain some extra coverage via blatant advertising, and to boldly go where no piece of PHP code has gone before.

Anyhoo, here are the sites we've raped and/or pillaged so far:

The first GGC design (hence the placement in the position of the first), made by Pstonie around the general May-June period of the 2004.

The site was completely redesigned and very little actual PHP coding was done. This was basically all out of boredom with the old design. Pstonie is rumored to be able to make his nipples wink.

Then, at the very end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005, Justas had finally got into PHP and to practise his skills, offered to recode the website of WSSQUID ("Who Says Space Quest Is Dead?" - A SQ-themed webcomic), mostly concentrating on the technical rather than the graphical elements (the old site graphics were recycled). Colin from the project was kind enough to donate some server space and bandwidth and thus, the site was also moved to a more reliable host.
Possibly the GGC project with the widest audience to date (aside from BTVC), the new design of Beaver and Steve is currently gazed upon by roughly 1000-1200 different visitors each day (with about 6000-8000 individual page hits). What started as a proposition to help out with setting up an RSS feed for yet another webcomic turned into a full-scale site redesign that was released on the 50th comicversary of Beaver and Steve (AKA 21 February 2005).
Then, in March, due to the former BnS subforum at the forums being lost in a hacker attack, Justas helped the author of Beaver and Steve set up one of his own. And soon after that, a customised forum theme was created to match the site's look.

Although not really a separate site design as such, it was, in a way, a larger project than coding the site itself, so it might just as well go here.

This site, the Italian translation of the "Beaver and Steve" comics, has not been "directly" designed by GGC and was only discovered by us once it was already up and running. However, it uses the same (rather properly credited ) layout idea as Beaver and Steve and is therefore probably worth a mention on this page as well.

"Steve, e' un pesce morto!"